[K-Drama] 49 Days

When it comes to sappy and sad love story, the Koreans are expert at that. 49 Days is one of those drama that makes you teary-eyed at the end of it where couples don’t last forever when one of the half dies.

Ji Hyun is at the peak of her life so to speak. She has graduated from college albeit her mediocre results and is about to marry her “soul mate”, Min Ho who “saved” her at the brink of death. On top of it all, her 2 best friends In Jung and Sae Woo are there for her. And of course, she has loving parents who treasured her more than anything else. A perfect family and best friend, what more can she ask for.

Yi Kyung is in the exact opposite situation from Ji Hyun. Having lost her other half in an accident 5 years ago, she lived as though she is already dead. She quitted her good job in a established hotel and started living a nocturnal life; she will sleep during the day and go to her part time job as a convenience store clerk at night. One fine day, she crossed paths with Ji Hyun in the most horrific manner.

Since she has no reason for living, why not end it there? This time around, she attempted suicide by crossing the bustling road hoping to get hit by a car but as fate has it, she was saved but ended up causing multiple car crashes along the way. Amongst the victim is Ji Hyun who crashed into a trailer while trying to avoid a crashing motorcycle. At that time, she wasn’t wearing the safety belt which resulted in her being flung out of her car. Oddly, she felt fine and started to get up on her own. But then again, why isn’t anyone notice her presence at all? As she walks by she saw herself lying in a pool of blood by the road. That’s weird, isn’t she alive? As she started getting panicky and shouting for help, there’s only one guy (and a handsome one at that) who notices her. But this can’t be good, can it? As it turned out, he is the scheduler (a fancy name for a grim reaper, I suppose) who helped souls crossing over to the other side (wherever that is). Seeing as it’s not really her time yet, she was given 49 days to gain 3 drops of tears from 3 people who aren’t her family. Well, this should be easy as she has plenty of friends who are probably wailing as her body lies in the comatose state. However, as explained by the scheduler, there are several types of tears and only the true tears of a person who is truly crying for her will be accepted. It is during this time that she discovers who are her true friends and enemies.


Tears were shed when watching this drama series. After watching this, I feel that not knowing when is your time to go is scary in the sense that you don’t have the time to complete all the unfinished business and to tie all loose ends. On the other hand, knowing the number of days you have left makes one anxious and stressful.


This series is indeed one of those sappy love story where people dies and their loved ones have to cope with it. But be rest assured, Ji Hyun and Yi Kyung’s paths crossed for a good reason.


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