Melo Holic

I had seriously thought that this is one of those romantic comedies where the male lead falls for the female lead and they will both live happily ever after. Oh, how wrong I was. It’s a total opposite of what I originally thought.

The male lead in question has this ability to read one’s mind with just a single touch. To him, it’s both a blessing and a curse; blessing in the sense that he could use his ability for the greater good, a curse as he could read the deepest and darkest secrets of his loved ones, his current beloved in particular. Hence, he would always have a pair of gloves on whenever he is out to avoid reading others mind unintentionally.

The female lead seems to be the sweetest girl with a sad past. Oh how looks can be deceiving. Little did the male lead and readers know, she is a psychopath who kills for the sake of writing. You see, if it weren’t for the male lead’s pupils (he is a school teacher), we all wouldn’t have realise that whenever the female lead’s lover dies of suspicious circumstances, a new chapter would emerge mirroring the incident and the author is none other than she herself. To think that the author of this web comic fooled us into thinking that the stalker is the villain of the story while he is in fact one of her victims.

Team Get-Name is certainly one to watch out for. Superior Day doesn’t disappoint as well. It’s as good and as suspenseful as Melo Holic. And not to mention, gory and bloody. In short, if you’re looking for comics with suspense and murder as its theme, Melo Holic and Superior Day would probably satisfy you.

Next on my reading list: Hanged Doll.


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