[Anime] Red Data Girl

Red Data Girl (RDG) has been sitting in my to-watch list for quite some time. Once I started watching it two days ago, I couldn’t stop till I complete the entire series.

The RDG in question is Suzuhara Izumiko who has been causing weird incidents whenever she comes in contact with electronics. Little did she know, she is a vessel for a goddess (Himegami) who is residing within her. That certainly explains why her guardian, Sagara Yukimasa goes all out to protect her…or rather, Himegami. He then enlisted his son, Sagara Miyuki who is supposedly chosen by the goddess.

I like Izumiko as a character. She’s shy and an introvert in the beginning but became stronger as the story progresses. Like any other girl, she too gets jealous when she sees the student council president getting all cosy with Miyuki.

Miyuki wasn’t very much into the idea of becoming Izumiko’s guardian but like it or not, it has become his job. They both enrolled into the same high school (for students who possess similar abilities) so that he could look out for her. He eventually acknowledges her as his partner. A partner in the sense that Izumiko allows herself to be possessed and Miyuki will then exorcise the non-human entity within her as her friend Souda Mayura put it. In the olden times, these pair will eventually marry to each other and becomes partner for life in this sort of business.

The Souda triplets are in a completely different league from Miyuki. Together, they are powerful as demonstrated when Manatsu (with the help of their deceased sibling, Masumi whom they summoned) took revenge on Takayanagi who inflicts a curse which caused a serious injury on Mayura.

As expected, Izumiko falls for Miyuki even though the latter himself didn’t realise it until very much later. He gets anxious easily when it comes to Izumiko subconsciously as pointed out by one of the Souda siblings. In the final episode, he got into action when Masumi who have also came to love Izumiko plans to whisk her off to the other side.

Me thinks that this story has a potential for a second season but I don’t see any sign of any season 2 any time soon. Wish that I could read the novels which this anime is based on. Nevertheless, this series is good enough.

Here’s hoping for a second season.


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