[K-Drama] Who Are You (2013)

Years ago, Si Ohn was involved in an incident which resulted in her being in coma. When she wakes up six years later, she finds that she is able to see ghosts, particularly those who still has unfinished business in the world of the living. On top of this "gift" she suffers from amnesia and she does not remember a single thing from the tragedy that resulted in her being in coma. Neither does she remember losing her boyfriend in the incident. Soon after, she reports back to work and is assigned to the lost and found department aka the less important police department. There’s where she met the younger guy, Cha Gun Woo. Expectedly, they fell in love and thus forming a love triangle with the ghost of Si Ohn’s boyfriend who perished in the tragedy.

Much of the beginning of the series focused on Si Ohn’s effort in helping to resolve the ghosts’ final wishes and to bring them closure. But the main focus of this story is her regaining the memories of the incident and bringing justice for her boyfriend who died in the line of duty but wrongfully accused of something he didn’t do.

At some point (if you’re watching this series), you might need some tissues handy. There are some flashbacks of the couple’s happier times when he was alive. To think that he was going to propose to her but was killed before he was able to get down on one knee with a ring. As much as I wish that Si Ohn to be with her Hyung Joon oppa, this ending is much more appropriate.

Will I be watching this again? You bet I will.


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