[K-Drama] I Hear Your Voice

I noticed that these days I have been watching Korean dramas with tad unrealistic storyline to it. From characters who have the ability to see ghosts (Who Are You, Master’s Sun) and now a guy who has the gift (or curse, depending on the situation) of reading minds of others just by looking into their eyes.

The story:

The relationship between Jang Hye Song and Seo Do Yeon is most complicated; The former’s mother is the live-in housekeeper of the latter’s family. Being of the same age, it is natural that they are both competitive. The pressure is more on Do Yeon as she feels that she has to live up to her father’s expectation. Indeed, it is not an easy ride being a prominent judge’s daughter. Jealous of Hye Seong, she started off a lie in which Hye Song purposely inflicted the injury on one of her eye in the fireworks incident that almost blinded her although she is aware that that wasn’t the case. And thus, both mother and daughter were banished from the household and she got expelled from school.

Not satisfied with the outcome, Hye Song confronted Do Yeon and pushes her to tell the truth to clear her name. During one of the confrontations they unwittingly witnessed a road accident cum murder where one Min Joon Gook bashed a man behind the wheels. Looking on was the victim’s son Park Soo Ha. If it wasn’t for Hye Seong who distracted the crook, Soo Ha would have meet his end there and then as well.

Min Joon Gook was swiftly caught by the authorities but unfortunately, he was to be let go due to lack of evidence and a 7-year-old boy’s account of the incident isn’t credible especially after he claimed that he is able to read a person’s mind. However, thanks to Hye Song (she was a high schooler back then) who came forward as a witness, Min Joon Gook was subsequently prosecuted. However, right before he was taken away, he had threatened Hye Song that he will be hunting her down once he is out from the prison.

Fast forward ten years later, Soo Ha is now a high school senior. It appears that he had fallen in love with Hye Song since the fateful day and he has not stop looking for her since then. During this time, Hye Song has made it as a public defence lawyer. And as fate would have it, she faced none other than Do Yeon as the prosecuter on her very first case as a public defence lawyer.

My thoughts:

This is an interesting take on older woman, younger guy romance. I actually thought that Hye Song and Soo Ha looked good together despite their vast age gap. I almost felt sorry for Attorney Cha (her fellow public defense lawyer) who also fell for her. But indeed, I would feel even sorrier if Hye Song were to choose Attorney Cha over Soo Ha.

And oh, do look out for a surprise appearance of Lawyer Choi from A Gentleman’s Dignity.


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