About This Blog

I’m just another fan of manga and anime and of course, I love blogging as well. And so, Confessions of a Closet Otaku is born…

This blog is where I express my thoughts and opinions of mangas that I have read, animes that I have watched or I may just blog about random stuffs.

Friends and family knew that I’m into animes and such but what they do not know is that I’m REALLY into them but I need an outlet to “let go” my feelings and opinions in regards of my interest.

I read mangas of any genre (except yuri, shotacon, hentai or anything of that sort. I have nothing against them but they just don’t appeal to me) that are interesting enough to grab my attention. The same goes to anime…


2 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. JM says:

    Hi !
    I read your writtings about Black Butler and I think they are the best I read online !!!! You clearly explain the series/manga/anime and you really make wanna watch it !!!
    I wanted to ask you : why does Ciel dress up as a girl ?????
    I found a pic of that girl dressed in pink, I loved it and started searching for info and that is how I discovered your blog =) But the thing is I guess this Girl is Ciel but why does he dress up/crosses genders ????
    I look forward reading your answer !!

    • aprilgirl87 says:

      Hi there,

      Thanks for your compliment. This blog is just a hobby really…glad that you find it informative.

      Ciel did dressed up as a girl. If I remember correctly, it was to lure out a certain viscount who was a suspect in the infamous Jack the Ripper case. And since the viscount has a thing for beautiful women, Ciel decided to dress up as one (a cute one…haha) to get close to the viscount in order to investigate the matter.


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