[Trailer] The Garden of Words

From the trailer, this one looks like a love story between an older woman and a high school boy who aspires to be a footwear designer. The artwork is gorgeous though, coupled with two talented voice actors (Hanazawa Kana & Irino Miyu). And the director is not short of hit works under his belt too (Voice of a Distant Star, 5 Centimeters per Second).




Psycho Pass has certainly live up to the expectation (if not exceed) of being the most anticipated anime of this season. On top of having an array of interesting and not to mention good looking characters (thanks to Katekyo Hitman Reborn’s Amano Akira who did the character design), plot-wise, there is not much of a dull moment at all.

The story is set in the future where there exists a system which determines a person’s way of life. For instance, this system is able to come up with suitable careers for a person. In Tsunemori Akane’s case, the list of career choices generated for her seems to be endless. It makes sense seeing as she’s one of those top students in her academy. Truthfully, she was at loss with all the choices available to her. Finally, she chose to join the force as a police officer of some sort with the reasoning that she’s the only candidate suitable for that role at that time.

And then there’s this thing called “Psycho-pass” which measures a person’s well being. If a person’s psycho pass is deemed to be at a “dangerous” level, he/she will be executed almost immediately. However, in some rare cases, such person can be of use. One such case is Kogami Shinya who is now serving the force as an enforcement officer. Kogami is seen as the broody type who doesn’t get along well with others, officer Ginoza in particular. As the series go on, we learned that there’s more to Kogami than meets the eye and the reason why the role “enforcement officer” exists in the first place.

For the obvious reason, this anime somehow reminds me of Minority Report which is also set in the future where a person predetermined by the system to be a future criminal will be executed. Well, that’s that. I’m going to enjoy Psycho Pass while it lasts.


[Anime] Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

Truth to be told, I never considered watching this at all since I thought that it’s gonna be shoujo-ish but for some reason, I give it a shot and I am grateful that I did. It is based on a shoujo manga of the same name but it’s fast becoming one of my favourite.

Here’s the gist of the series:

Mizutani Shizuku is a study-holic who cares for nothing but her grades. She is stoic and rational at all times until she met Yoshida Haru who is a complete opposite of her.

At a glance, one would thought that Haru is the boy raised in the wild. He is constantly involved in fights though he has no ill intentions. That changed when he met Shizuku who somehow managed to tame him in her own ways.

Opposites attract, eh?

After some ups and downs when Haru confessed to Shizuku who turned him down flat, Shizuku finally acknowledged her feelings when she find that she started to slack as a result of Haru occupying her mind as of late. She realises that she likes Haru romantically after all and agreed to go out with him on condition that it doesn’t affect her grades. As expected of a study freak.

It gets more interesting with the appearance of Haru’s former middle school classmate, Yamaken who seemed to be a delinquent himself. He may be a delinquent but when it comes to school grades, he stands on an equal footing with Shizuku. As much as he denied having feelings for Shizuku, he began to notice that Shizuku is constantly in his mind. And when Haru caught the wind of it, he (Haru) gets really jealous and tried his might to prevent them from meeting.

Now, this will definitely get more interesting.

[K-Drama] 49 Days

When it comes to sappy and sad love story, the Koreans are expert at that. 49 Days is one of those drama that makes you teary-eyed at the end of it where couples don’t last forever when one of the half dies.

Ji Hyun is at the peak of her life so to speak. She has graduated from college albeit her mediocre results and is about to marry her “soul mate”, Min Ho who “saved” her at the brink of death. On top of it all, her 2 best friends In Jung and Sae Woo are there for her. And of course, she has loving parents who treasured her more than anything else. A perfect family and best friend, what more can she ask for.

Yi Kyung is in the exact opposite situation from Ji Hyun. Having lost her other half in an accident 5 years ago, she lived as though she is already dead. She quitted her good job in a established hotel and started living a nocturnal life; she will sleep during the day and go to her part time job as a convenience store clerk at night. One fine day, she crossed paths with Ji Hyun in the most horrific manner.

Since she has no reason for living, why not end it there? This time around, she attempted suicide by crossing the bustling road hoping to get hit by a car but as fate has it, she was saved but ended up causing multiple car crashes along the way. Amongst the victim is Ji Hyun who crashed into a trailer while trying to avoid a crashing motorcycle. At that time, she wasn’t wearing the safety belt which resulted in her being flung out of her car. Oddly, she felt fine and started to get up on her own. But then again, why isn’t anyone notice her presence at all? As she walks by she saw herself lying in a pool of blood by the road. That’s weird, isn’t she alive? As she started getting panicky and shouting for help, there’s only one guy (and a handsome one at that) who notices her. But this can’t be good, can it? As it turned out, he is the scheduler (a fancy name for a grim reaper, I suppose) who helped souls crossing over to the other side (wherever that is). Seeing as it’s not really her time yet, she was given 49 days to gain 3 drops of tears from 3 people who aren’t her family. Well, this should be easy as she has plenty of friends who are probably wailing as her body lies in the comatose state. However, as explained by the scheduler, there are several types of tears and only the true tears of a person who is truly crying for her will be accepted. It is during this time that she discovers who are her true friends and enemies.


Tears were shed when watching this drama series. After watching this, I feel that not knowing when is your time to go is scary in the sense that you don’t have the time to complete all the unfinished business and to tie all loose ends. On the other hand, knowing the number of days you have left makes one anxious and stressful.


This series is indeed one of those sappy love story where people dies and their loved ones have to cope with it. But be rest assured, Ji Hyun and Yi Kyung’s paths crossed for a good reason.

[BL] Doukyuusei + Sotsugyousei

Saijou and Kusakabe are one fine example of what you would call opposite attracts; Saijou is an honour student aiming for Kyodai (or Kyoto Uni, one of the prestigeous university in Japan) as opposed to Kusakabe an aspiring rockstar. Still, that doesn’t stop them for falling head over heels for each other.

Nakamura-sensei’s guys aren’t that pretty as far as BL mangas go. Her non-BL works have this gothic feeling, sometimes dark even. Same goes to her BL works but unlike some BL mangas with pretty boys, her Doukyuusei (and some of her other BL works) leaves a lasting impression on me, storywise. Indeed, there’s almost no guy-on-guy action that fujoshi would relish but the endearing love story between Saijou and Kusakabe really tug my heartstrings at times.

Even the side character Harasen (who eventually has his own story in Sora to Hara) who harbours a feeling towards Saijou who is his student is an interesting character. Kusakabe is very well aware of this and he gets jealous each time he saw them together. The part where Saijou reassures him by saying that his entire being belongs to only Kusakabe made me go "awww".

Doukyusei Sotsugyousei

And I absolutely gonna adore the sequel too. From the looks of it, it’s going to be a story on their lives after graduating from high school.


[BL] Super Lovers

Ren has been living among the wilds back in Canada. Thanks to Haruko who adopted him, Ren grew up educated and more knowledgeable compared to his peers. Well, it made sense since Haruko’s a PhD holder and a former scholar in Harvard. At present, she’s working as a nuclear scientist at CERN.

One fine summer, Haruko’s son, Haru (according to Haruko, the reason she named his son Haru is to spite her husband who will have to call his son who bears his ex-wife’s name) came to visit her in Canada. While he’s there, Haruko instructed him to “civilize” Ren, his new adoptive younger brother who has been living in the wilderness practically all his life. Alas, as the summer ends, Haru has to return to Japan. Ren who has became attached to Haru promised to live with him in Japan when he grows up.

Unfortunately, during his drive back home from the airport, he was involved in an accident which kills both his parents leaving him the sole survivor of the crash. He became comatose. A month later, he woke up with amnesia. Around this time, Ren showed up at his doorstep as his brother. His younger twin brothers weren’t too pleased of the new addition, especially the younger twin, Aki who often fought for his older brother’s attention. Whether they like it or not, Ren is here on the long haul and Haru is not about to let him go anytime soon.

As you might have guess it, their relationship went beyond siblings. After all, both of them are not blood-related.

My thoughts on this one:

The moment I started reading from the first chapter, I knew that there’s no stopping until I finish up to the latest available chapter. It’s not your usual BL where there’s at least one bed scene in every chapter. Their love story (albeit going at the slow pace) is sweet and endearing at times especially the part where Ren says that he feel “weird” every time he thinks about Haru. More so, since Haru kisses him on the lips at every opportunity he gets on the pretext that it’s the Canadian way of greeting. Greeting my head. Haru also has this protective streak (or a brother complex) when it comes to his youngest “brother”.

Fall 2012 Animes (That I Would Watch)

  • Sukitte Iinayo (Say “I Love You”) – adapted from Hazuki Kanae’s manga of the same name. It’s about an introverted girl who goes out with a popular boy in school. Trials and tribulations ensue.
  • Kamisama Hajimemashita (Kamisama Kiss) – adapted from Suzuki Julietta’s manga of the same name about a normal girl turned God and falls in love with her familiar.
  • Psycho-Pass – This is going to be interesting especially if the character design is done by Katekyo Hitman Reborn’s Amano Akira. Initially I have thought that the main guy looks awfully a lot like Hibari. A must watch on my list.
  • K – Not sure what to make of this one. All I know is that there is a manga out entitled K –Memory of Red to mark the airing of this anime.




Image source: MAL.