Kuroshitsuji Chapter 61

My first reaction when saw this scene was “what the heck, not again!”. Seriously, how many times does Sebastian has to be killed and revived again. Looks like we’re going to see Sebastian’s life record in the next chapter.


Kuroshitsuji Chapter 47

Just as I had thought (along with the rest of us), there’s no way that Sebastian would be dead. True enough, he’s still very much alive in Pastor Jeremy (those who are following the manga series would know what I’m talking about).

As for the murder mystery, there’s nothing much to shout about; the cause of death is an African snake and this narrows down to the merchant who trades in Africa. Turns out that Ciel is the intended victim and had not the Phelps guy was the one occupying the room instead of Ciel, Ciel would be the one found dead. But then again, with Sebastian as his butler, there’s no way this could happen.

There you go, Sebastian ain’t dead 😀

Kuroshitsuji II Episode 1

It seems to me that the second season is on a whole different direction but most importantly, SEBASTIAN and CIEL are back, along with the casts from the first season. I can finally breath a sigh of relief now that my favourite “butler” is back. Woohoo!


Alois Trancy and Ciel Phantomhive are as different as night and day as are Claude Faustus and Sebastian Michaelis.

Alois Trancy

Alois is a sadist who thrives on others pain as seen when he gouges his maid’s left eye without flinching as oppose Ciel. Although they both had suffered a great deal of pain and anguish (Alois was kidnapped shortly after he was born) before meeting their respective “butlers”, Ciel is not as twisted as Alois. At the very least, Ciel cares for his household servants.


Claude Faustus

Claude, like Sebastian is an efficient and a reliable butler though personally, I feel that Sebastian is much more of a likable character. Claude is as serious as he can be compared to Sebastian who can be humorous when he feels like it.

The contract


The Trancy household


Sebastian versus Claude

On a dark and stormy night, a sinister-looking man in a dark and gloomy trench coat appeared at the Trancy doorstep asking for a shelter for the night. (In that instant, I knew that that man has to be Sebastian)

So anyways, being curious as on what is in the stranger’s trunk, Alois agreed to the deal where he brought him down to the basement where the thing that he wanted is down there. Before he could do anything else, Claude removed the stranger’s trench coat only to reveal him to be none other than Sebastian Michaelis.

It appears that Sebastian values the trunk more than his life and there’s no guessing on what could be in the trunk that he has been protecting. My suspicion was confirmed as the trunk was opened accidentally while Sebastian was being chased by Claude.


It surprises me how Ciel could have fitted into that trunk so snugly.

So, it’s not goodbye after all…

It looks like Ciel is being revived with the ring (Phantomhive heirloom). I wonder, how the writers are going with this season. A battle of two butlers? It’s clear enough that Claude hates Sebastian. A lot. Hmm…seeing as Ciel and Sebastian are back, I wonder if that would make Alois and Claude the baddies. Gosh, I can’t wait for the next episode to find out what’s the deal with Alois and Claude and Ciel and Sebastian.

My thoughts:

Seeing Alois’ personality, it was hate at first sight for me. At that moment, I can’t help but comparing him with Ciel but I guess, Alois being Alois is part of the story. As for Claude, I must say that with those glasses on, he looks a bit like that William grim reaper dude who’s always bailing Grell out. Just got to wait and see how the story develops.

Right now, I’m thrilled just by seeing Sebastian and Ciel and some familiar faces 😀 Even a certain lolicon duke made his appearance here. Lol.


It seems like this season is gonna be more into Ciel/Sebastian versus Alois/Claude. If that’s the case, my money’s on Ciel/Sebastian pair 😀

More info here.

[PV] Kuroshitsuji II

When it was announced that the second season of Kuroshitsuji will feature a new set of master and butler, many have sound their disappointment. Even after viewing the PV I still feel that the second season will probably not be as good as its prequel but still, being a fan of Kuroshitsuji, I’m still anticipating its second season set to be aired in July this year. Reminder to self: Watch with an open mind instead of comparing it with the first season.

Can’t wait for July to come 😀

Kuroshitsuji Chapter 43

The third victim was found with puncture wounds on the neck. Bloodsuckers, anyone? Of course, at that time, people are much more informed scientifically as remarked by the wordsmith who quickly dismissed it as nothing more than an occult. And they are now back to square one with the murderer possibly still amongst them.

With the latest commotion, Ciel is surprisingly calm compared to the outburst he had earlier when Sebastian was found dead. “He’s the queen’s dog”, said one of the guest and proceeded to leave before he was being stopped from doing so. Angry that he wasn’t allowed to leave, he attempted in attacking Ciel before Tanaka stepped in and brought him down swiftly without breaking a sweat. Without a doubt, he is a Phantomhive butler.

At the end of this chapter, the mystery remains unsolved and the murderer is still at large.

There are two things that caught my attention in this chapter:

1. Tanaka’s true ability as a Phantomhive butler;

2. Ciel who is strangely calm at the whole murder affair. Could it be that the whole thing was orchestrated by Ciel and Sebastian after all? I guess, we’ll never know about it until the end of this arc.

Kuroshitsuji Chapter 42: Is Sebastian dead for real?

In the previous chapter, Sebastian is found dead presumably murdered by the same murderer who killed Lord Siemens (back in Chapter 40). Before he supposedly died, he has set up some instructions for the Phantomhive household servants.

In chapter 42, Sebastian is said to have been stabbed and hit on the head and from there, the master writer speculates that he may have been killed by multiple assailants. In the wake of Sebastian’s “death”, Ciel had the butler Tanaka-san replaced the “deceased”  as his main butler and oddly enough, Tanaka-san appeared to be normal as opposed to the tea-sipping chibi version of him that we usually see. I guess that when the situation requires it, Tanaka will be back to his normal self.

Although the murderer(s) is still at large, the day resumed as per normal. Dinner is served promptly and all guests are present at the dining table except for one. And so, in the pouring, thundering rain, a third murder is committed when the body of the missing guest is found.

In the final scene of this chapter, the owl that Sebastian entrusted to Mei Lin flew out with a letter strapped on its leg as instructed. I wonder, what is the contents of the letter and to whom the letter was addressed to…


My thoughts:

Me thinks that the part where Sebastian is supposedly dead by murder is staged by both himself and Ciel to lure out the murderer. Either way, I doubt that Sebastian will die easily seeing as he is a demon and all.


Note: This post is written based on Kuroshitsuji chapter 42 scanlated by Bleach Asylum.