Library Wars “Mini” Shorts

It’s sweet really. Even though it’s a “silent” short movie, I feel for the girl who was sidelined by her crush who appears to be interested in the slightly more attractive colleague. She knows that her love is unrequited but she still harbours some feelings towards the guy to the extend of reading the books that he has been reading.

In the second clip, he began to notice her existence when he saw her reading the same book that he was reading before. And the clip ends with her saying “how can I help you” out loud.

And oh, lets not forget the nerdy guy who is crushing on the “slightly more attractive” girl. She actually read the letter that he slipped in between the pages of the book that he returned. And she did reply to the letter with a thanks.


Library Wars live action movie opens in Japanese cinema on April 27, 2013. Oh how I wish we get to watch it here as well.