[K-Drama] My Love From Another Star

This is possibly one of the popular drama as of late. Especially when the ever-charming Kim Soo Hyun plays the alien who falls in love with a human played by Gianna Jun.

Do Min Joon is scheduled to return to his home planet in 3 months time. As such, he vowed not to have any emotional attachments to anyone on earth or anything that will make it difficult to leave. That is, until he crosses path with Cheon Song-Yi.

Song Yi is the current it-girl of South Korea…with a bad attitude. She treats everyone like as if they are beneath her. Everyone is expected to obey her every whims and commands. Yup, she is a typical diva, doesn’t she? She moves in to the condo next door and Do Min Joon’s calm and peaceful life turned chaotic. Song Yi looks very much like the girl whom he saved and fell in love with 4 centuries ago. His love then was short lived as the girl died tragically. Ever since then, he became emotionally cold and avoid unnecessary contact with others.

Lee Whi Kyung has been in love with Song Yi since they were young. Too bad for him that his love was rejected in numerous occasions. And then there is Yoo Se-Mi who is their childhood friend and an actress as well who is in love with him (Whi Kyung) since forever. But her affections gone unnoticed on his part as he was obsessing over Song Yi. Due to this, Se-Mi’s resentment towards her best friend, Song Yi grew.

All this time, Song Yi has been in love with the older man who saved her from being hit by a truck when she was younger. Little did she know, the older man is in fact Do Min Joon, her next door neighbour as well as her college professor. When he (Min Joon) realised that she is the girl who resembles Yi Hwa (the girl from 400 years ago), he used his every strength to protect her from harm’s way without her knowledge. He even contemplated staying on earth just to be with her even though he knows very well that his life will end as a result.


It is a nice story from the start towards the end. Though, I am not too keen on how it ended. Come on, would you want a on and off boyfriend who might disappear at any second?